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Princess Kate in her birthday photos.  Unique jewelry attracts attention

Princess Kate in her birthday photos. Unique jewelry attracts attention

Princess Kate celebrated her 40th birthday on Sunday. In the tradition of the British Royal Court, Prince William’s wife attended an occasional photo session, the effects of which can already be seen online. The Duchess of Cambridge took some pictures, and The best of the official profiles of the royal family are posted on social media, Including. On Instagram. Some of the family members of Queen Elizabeth II wished the Princess a happy birthday at the event and she herself thanked the citizens and fans for the many kind words she received.

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Princess Kate in her birthday photos. Unique jewelry attracts attention

Is known New photos of Princess Kate will soon be on display at the official exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Representatives of the company did not hide their excitement about the new works added to the collection. Until 2023 tourists will not be able to see them live.Because the museum will reopen. The renovation of the facility has been going on since 2020, during which time, selected exhibitions are being offered to people in various locations across the country.This is because of the “Inspiring People” program.

Commenting on photos of Princess Kate on Instagram, people working at the museum wrote:

The details of the photographs he took caught the attention of many visitors of the British royal family Pavlo Roversey. Princess Kate stood in front of the camera in several elegant Alexander McQueen gowns with special jewelry.

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The choice was not accidental, and the Duchess Gate was founded with earrings belonging to Queen Elizabeth II. The owner of the pearl earrings he wore during the session was Princess Diana, the mother of Prince William, who died in 1997. In addition, she chose another piece of jewelry left by her mother – in – law – Engagement ring.

Quoted by Lorna Houghton, Explained the head of the diamond and jewelry department at Beaverbrooks:

Photo: UPPA / Photoshot / REPORTER / East News

Princess Diana after her engagement to Prince Charles

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