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Is Krodsky much deceiving the Pope or his constituents?

Nowadays it is an obvious fact that the Pope’s acceptance of a politician does not mean consensus – often it does not mean anything. Therefore, I will not focus on the accounts of Marshal Tomas Krodsky of the Senate in the Vatican, and if not for his own statements, I recommend spiritual fellowship with the Holy Father.

The audience with Pope Francis is a great honor and respect for me. On behalf of the Senate I thank Cardinal Wysinsky for his salvation. The spirit and mood of this meeting convinced me that the Holy Father is a great leader who cares about the fate of the people and the world.

– he said.

He added:

We must do something so that Europe does not die and more children are born in Europe.

Interestingly, the proposals put forward by the “democratic opposition” in Poland in the autumn of 2020 were not presented during the horrific rallies in support of abortion? Perhaps Michnik magazine associated with Krodsky believed that “abortion is right”?

It’s not just about the approach to saving lives. Mr. Most of Krodsky’s political platforms hate him, and he generally fights with him. The tradition of the Primate of the Millennium cannot be called respectable.

Yes, I know, many of them personally have different views, but you know, you understand, the climate of time is like that. So they are quiet. And they finance, encourage, and motivate contemporary Bolsheviks.

In this context, Mr. Krotsky’s record is actually “The Himalayas of Hypocrisy!”.

I wonder if Marshall Krodsky is deceiving Pope Francis or his constituents too much, and does his camp promise to “file Catholics”?

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Or maybe all of them?

After all, according to the credible accounts of many witnesses, a person who had to pay illegally for activities that could save the lives and health of patients must have had his conscience melted by steel in the Stalinist open hearth furnace.