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Former Bice Senator Voltaire B was admitted to hospital.  The heart of the big band of the Christmas charity ...

Former Bice Senator Voltaire B was admitted to hospital. The heart of the big band of the Christmas charity …

In early April, the former Pice Senator was loud on & nbspmedia, Voltaires b. A shocking video appeared on the portal, which can be viewed here A dog is pulled over a rope bar by an off-road car. The driver, who turned out to be Voldemort B, was quickly identified by local police.

He is a former law and justice senator He was the best lover of animals and dragged the dog to the back of the car, trying to bring him home (!). However, one witness testified that the animal was dead in his opinion. Police officers searched the politician’s property, where they found a newly buried dog. The prosecutor’s office has already ruled that Voltaire b. Accused of abusing dog with particular cruelty.

It turns out a few days ago Voltaire b. Was taken to the hospital, He also said this through social media. The politician posted a photo from his hospital bed on his Facebook profile, showing that he was attached to Oxygen. By the way, a self-proclaimed “animal lover” He complained to the world about the wave of hatred.

Everything in the hands of the Lord! I hope it allows me to survive. Against the wishes of the German media, the devil-possessed giants will wash the bucket on me – He wrote.

Internet users immediately noticed an interesting detail in the photo provided by B. As you can see in the photo The heart of the Christmas Foundation’s large band hangs on the former senator’s hospital bed. Interestingly, this is Voldemort b. Zurek openly mocks Ovsiyak’s initiative. As he recalls Viborxa, B. In the past he said he was an orchestra “He obeys Satan’s command.” In & nbsp2017, during a conversation with & nbspportal The politician assured him that he did not support the foundation.

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I do not support it because about 60 million slots have evaporated in the last few years (…). Although correct, someone on the Internet wrote such a slogan, It is not Ovsiak who supports money for children, but children who raise money for Ovsiak he said.

B. Internet users who notice under the post did not forget to point out his hypocrisy.

Spit on the big band of the Christmas Foundation and then use the equipment (…). Hypocrisy, “Remember what sticker is in the top right corner of the photo (…) God is not quick, but fair. – You can read under the post.

Voltaire b. ‘S post has already disappeared from his Facebook profile.