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The Stuhrw family's grave was desecrated.  Maciej Stuhr showed shocking photos [FOTO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

The Stuhrw family’s grave was desecrated. Maciej Stuhr showed shocking photos [FOTO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

The Stuhrv family tomb at Rakoviki Cemetery in Krakow was destroyed. Maciej Stuhr slandered photos of the place where his loved ones were buried on the internet and mentioned the matter. “I found out I was a killer,” the actor writes.

Sturwin’s family grave was destroyed

In Krakow, at Rakoviki Cemetery Stuhrw family grave destroyed. Unknown criminals Wrote slanderous words on the grave, “Appraiser of the Poles” among others. The scenario was set to take place on Tuesday morning. Maciej Stuhr soon mentioned a case in which the police are already conducting operations.

Maciej Stuhr commented on the desecration of the tomb

The family tomb was desecrated by Facebook on Tuesday night Maciej Stuhr will take the field. The 46-year-old actor decided to make it available on the internet Photos showing the ruined grave of his loved ones. Below them he will put a record with his official opinion.

Journalists call me and ask for feedback. How did you comment on this? Everyone has a family grave and can imagine what it would be like in a moment like this. Either way, I knew I was a killer. Everyone has eyes so we can see where we are going and which side he is on. Because there really is no way to be “somewhere in the middle”. Let’s help, spread the good, stop the hatred before our eyes and hearts flood us all! – The actor wrote.

Police are currently trying to identify the culprits who vandalized the Sturve family grave by examining nearby surveillance cameras. For insulting the resting place of the deceased Violators could face up to 2 years in prison.

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