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Zakochani z M jak miłość ogłaszają wspaniałą nowinę. Szczęśliwy Krystian Wieczorek gratuluje żonie! Ten gest mówi wszystko  - ZDJĘCIA

Those who fall in love with M jak miłość announce the best news. Happy Krystian Wieczorek congratulates his wife! This gesture says it all – photos

Author: AKBA
Those who fall in love with M jak miłość announce the best news. Happy Krystian Wieczorek congratulates his wife! This gesture says it all – photos

Krystian Wieczorek and Maria Szafirska are a loving couple who met and fell in love on the set of “M jak miłość”. Although Maria is no longer appearing in the series, viewers of the TVP blockbuster want to follow the cast. Andrzej Budzyński from “M jak miłość” is personally devoted and in love with his wife, with whom they have recently celebrated incredibly! There is a chance for this, as the proud Christian Vysorek announced on his Instagram profile. The incredibly happy actor confessed to the fans that he congratulated his wife and she felt full and touched by herself. What’s going on? This gesture says it all!

Krystian Wieczorek met Maria Zafirska on the set of “M jak miłość” and now he proudly announces the news!

Fans of “M jak miłość” want to follow the fate of Krystian Wieczorek and Maria Szafirska. The talented couple met in 2016 on the set of “M jak miłość”! That’s where they were absorbed by their warmth, it didn’t pass, and kept growing! A married couple raise their daughter Lena together, but they also dedicate themselves to their life and career plans. It is true that Christian Vysorek decided to leave the “Commissioner Alex” series, but that does not mean that he has disappeared from “M Jak Milosk”. The on-screen appearance of Andrzej Budzyński is not intimidating. This time, however, the actor has shared a message that has nothing to do with working on the TVP blockbuster. He pays his full attention to his beautiful wife, who greets her. Christian Wyxorek saw his wife’s talent and openly admitted that he was bursting with pride.

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Check out the latest photos of Christian Vysorek and his wife he met on the set of “M jak miłość”! >>>

The “M jak miłość” star is proud of the wonderful news about his amazing wife’s next acting incarnation and she is very proud. Maria Sofirska takes part in a new performance, which goes to Seattle and Warsaw, Poland after its first scene!

“(…) I sincerely encourage you to watch this show. Not only because my beautiful and talented wife is playing there, this joke is simply brilliant, fun and sometimes touching. Good evening😊” – Christian Vysorek wrote in a post on Instagram.

This is the beautiful gesture that the actor makes towards his wife. You can rarely find such harmonious and supportive couples. The Andrzej Budzyński series from “M jak miłość” truly looks forward to his wife’s success, and what’s more, he invites his audience to this show! Not surprisingly, he and Maria Safirska are one of the most beloved couples in the Polish show business. Not only are they talented, beautiful and fun, they work hard for their success. Christian Vysorek has already spoken proudly about his wife many times and has to admit that they both love each other very much.