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Get up.  To awaken the faith of the Church

Get up. To awaken the faith of the Church

On the last Saturday of June, young people from the entire diocese had the opportunity to come to Chisinau for prayer and worship. This year’s meeting schedule was filled with workshops, conferences, coordination and music making. Throughout the day, the youth strengthened themselves by talking to a psychologist, priests and praying for each other. The centerpiece of the afternoon event was the Holy Mass, for which participants prepared an appreciation show with the creation of “Stepped”.

– This is a very interesting, good situation. We came here to see what was going on. We are not disappointed, we like it very much. So far, we have loved songwriting workshops and integration. Conferences are also very interesting. This is a good time, we will come here next year – say participants from Pustus.

The first edition of “Wake Up” took place in the fall of 2019, with nearly 700 young people from the diocese taking part. This idea was born in the community of the Gadian army, which was led by Fr. Tomas Dec. Last year, the meeting was suspended due to an epidemic. This year, about 100 people gathered in the courtyard of the church of Our Lady of Fatima Church.

– There are fewer of us, but it’s very good. We missed being together. The outdoor meeting and the proximity of the church are ideal for prayer and establishing a community. People are happy. We put a lot of heart into the products. Compared to the first edition, there were more classes, conferences and workshops this year. What fell into my heart was a part of the conference of Pavas Prespezky, he talked about his dreams, that everyone should have these dreams, live them to the fullest, be happy, and finally realize the well-lived life – said Gideon Lydia Army.

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Father Remigius Rekaw SJ came to Chichano to preach, confess, and talk to young people. In his sermon during the afternoon grace, he focused on the words of the century in the Gospel of Saturday.

– Young people often ask themselves about their faith. It is good to remember that God sees us differently. Maybe he looks like a century in the gospel today and says he never saw the hope you have now. Do you want to be happy? Do as Jesus tells you. Of course, we do not always hear His voice in our hearts because we can never be in such spiritual superiority. God speaks seriously once, and then he speaks in a low voice. Listening to this voice is a great experience of grace, but it is important to be true to God even when we do not hear His voice. Then reliability is important. So, be true to God – said Jesuit.

– Today we need hope. We need faith in the church. I keep in mind the words of John Paul II about the “man of faith” and I encourage you to give faith to others who are faithful people. Especially today, when many in the church experience difficulties and lose their foundation. Be witnesses of Christ without comparison with one another. We will humbly awaken faith and give Christ to the people. This is the great gospel, for which we need Christ – Fr. Recław said.

Bishop Mirosva Milevsky attended the meeting with the youth and their priests. Pray for the youth. – Thank you for your presence. It is a great mercy to me to be here with you. I want you to have deep faith in Jesus who lives and works among us – said Bishop Milevsky.

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During the meeting, the bishop thanked the youth for their evangelistic activities online and asked them not to abandon the implementation of ideas such as the “Word Project”, which is underlined by the sequence required and bears fruit. – Keep doing it. It’s a real, real word. I see your products almost every day, thank you so much for them – he promised.

On the day of the glorification of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament the youth danced through prayer, songs and flags.