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18th Extraordinary Meetings Ceremony in Santomiers.  Janus Kajos received the stone of optimism

18th Extraordinary Meetings Ceremony in Santomiers. Janus Kajos received the stone of optimism

Janus Kajos in Hope

It is the tradition of the Extraordinary Film Festival to confer the titles of extraordinary actor and director. John Comasa, author of the film “Corpus Christi”, was honored with the Santomiers Crown and Janus Kajos – Stone of Optimism. The director of the Dzień Dobri Holiday Festival stressed that the actor is a role model for all of us.

– It’s amazing how people react when they hear the name Janus Kajos. This is a great hope, excitement and curiosity, which we still see today before the record – explained in an interview with Katarcina Kubaka-Severin Eva Trisica.

And does the actor consider himself a believer? – As a rule, I consider myself a confident manBut I got this beautiful wonder of nature, in the form of a striped stone resembling a cut piece of wood, which probably people can be confident of because there is some motor in it. Hope is a very useful thing, and I suspect we need more and more of it – the actor noted.

Santomiers.  Festival of Unusual Movies

18th Extraordinary Meetings Film Festival

It runs from Friday, June 25 to Sunday, but is the 18th edition of the festival to be held in a hybrid edition. Available until December this year. In addition to Janus Kajos, many other great artists and filmmakers came, including the Santomiers, Magdalena Rosca or Mike Rusinek. Also, the highlight of June 27, On Krzysztof Kiezlowski’s 80th birthdayTo be installed Extraordinary day, Along with the celebration of the “Eighteenth Festival”.

How does Janus Kajos remember Khrushchev Kieslowski? What is the background of the strange day? Find out in the video.

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