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Iga Świątek przegrała z Białorusinką Aryną Sabalenką 6:2, 2:6, 5:7 w swoim drugim meczu w turnieju WTA Finals w Guadalajarze. Przy układzie wyników w tej grupie mająca w dorobku dwie porażki polska tensisitka straciła już szanse na awans do półfinału.

WTA Finals: Swede loses to Sapalenka and misses the semi-finals.

In the second match of the WTA Finals in Guadalajara, Iga Switek lost to Belarusian Arena Sabalenka 6: 2, 2: 6, 5: 7. With the arrangement of results in this group, Poland Tenzitka, who suffered two defeats in the record, has already missed the chance to advance to the semi-finals.

The fifth-placed Polish woman started her first match of the season with a 2: 6, 4: 6 defeat to Greek Maria Zachary (4.). Sabalenga – ranked second in the world, but plays with “number one” in the absence of Australian player Ashley Party in Mexico – and Spanish Paula Badosa (7.) started with a loss of 4: 6, 0. : 6. Both could not cope with emotions, which resulted in many mistakes. One player from Russia cried before the match ball, and the Minsk player lost the last 10 games.

On Saturday Both struggled to retain real opportunities for promotion, But the situation of Piotr Searsbudowski’s responsibility was further complicated by the fact that a few hours earlier Badosa had defeated Zachary 7: 6 (7-4), 6: 4. As a result, Swedek had to win with Sabalenga, who was not completely eliminated from the fight for a pass for “four”.

Initially, he executed his plan and, as announced, played more relaxed than the opening game. The Belarusian lost after the first draw, which was used by the pole and scored two breaks – on 4: 2 and 6: 2. There were problems with the Rivalka service at the time.

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After the first installment, the Belarusian woman changed and returned. She played very patiently, improving the preparation for hitting the ball, thus improving performance. She had her first chance to “break” with the decision 1: 1 At the second party, but by that time the Polish woman was out of trouble. However, since then, she has not been able to hold the pass twice. In the end he had three breakout chances, but wasted them all and Sabalenga led the match to a draw.

The decisive set was very tight and fans could not complain about the lack of emotion. The Belarusian were the first to “break” the score at 1: 1, but Swedek immediately made up for the loss. After that, both players won their own service games with great confidence and it was hard to predict what the final word would be. In the end, however, the experience of the WTA vice president was a success. He recorded a break in the 11th inning and then did not miss a point on his own pass. 7: 5.

It was the first match of these tennis players. The Belarusian, known for his dangerous play, sent out 29 successful strokes and made 42 forced errors. On the Świątek page were – 17 and 22, respectively.

The same Badosa is sure to advance from first place to the semifinals, And his Monday fight with the Polish woman regardless of the further fate of the two players. Sabalenka and Zachary will battle it out for second place in the table in a live match, meaning they will continue to compete.

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