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ATP Finals: Hubert Hercock – Denise Medvedev. Live broadcast and results

The 24-year-old Wroclaw resident has been in Turin for a few days and has not hidden his excitement about getting started at the season-ending Masters event.

– The hall and all the surroundings are awesome. I like the system. This is definitely a different experience than other competitions. I feel very comfortable here. All the best players in the world will play in Turin this year. Playing in the ATP Final is an exciting one. I am very excited. There is a very small team of players here and there is an excellent situation – Hargogas promised during a press conference on Friday.

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As a result of Thursday’s draw, the seventh player was added to the red team along with Medvedev (2nd), German Alexander Sverev (3rd) and Italian Matteo Beretini (6th). In an interview with the press, Sverev noted that it is more difficult to get promoted in this group than in the Green group, which includes: Serbian Novak Djokovic (1.), Greek Stephanos Tsitsipas (4.), Russian Andrei Ruplov (5.) And Norwegian Caspar Rudd (8). .).

– There are two groups, both of which I find very difficult. After all, we are talking about the eight best players of this season. Maybe our position is really very similar among individual players, but we’ll see – the pole stressed.

Early on Sunday afternoon, he will unexpectedly play in the Wimbledon 1/8 final against Medvedev, who unexpectedly lost in five sets in July. The 25-year-old Moscow tennis player, who won the US Open in September, paid him back in the quarterfinals of the ATP tournament in Toronto in August. However, it was not easy for him – he won three games, both of which ended in a tie-break.

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– With Denmark we know each other well and our games are generally very tight. Of course, I will do my best. He can play really wonderfully. The way he “pulls out” all of those balls makes him an uncomfortable opponent. These are the reasons why he won the US Open this season and was so classified – he praised the ninth pole in the rankings, ranking second in the world.

For the first time in history in a year, Polish singles are cast as female and male masters. Currently, Iga Switech is competing in the WTA final in Guadalajara.

– This is an exceptional situation and I hope it will happen again every year for the next few years. Iga plays fantastic tennis and he won the Grand Slam tournament. This is something special for the whole country and for tennis in Poland. The fact that we both qualified for the Masters in the same season is a big thing for the Polish game – coach Craig Boynton summed up the responsibility.

The Russian tennis player started her performance in Mexico with a very gentle defeat to the Greek Maria Zachariah 2: 6, 4: 6. After the game, he admitted that he usually needed some time to enter the tournament, and now he immediately had to compete with the best player. Harrocks said it should not be a problem for him in Italy.

– I knew from the beginning that I would play with Novak or Daniel in the beginning, so I think I would be ready for it. “I think my competition with the Russians has been very tight, which helps me get into the competition,” he said.

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The 24-year-old has won three ATP tournaments this season: Delrey Beach, Miami and the Mets. In addition, he recorded the much-anticipated Grand Slam victory by reaching the Wimbledon semifinals this year. In early November, he was promoted to the top four at the prestigious ATP Masters 1000 Indoor event in Paris.

“At the beginning of the year, I didn’t think much about coming to the ATP final, and at that time it was not my goal. After winning the title in Miami, I made significant progress in the “Race to Turin” rankings and began to think that maybe I had a chance to advance. Then I started to focus more on it, he recalled.

A foreign journalist has pointed out that Roger Federer will be the last tennis player to compete at the professional level. The 40-year-old Swiss, who has been battling frequent health issues in recent years, finished prematurely this season after beating Poland in the Wimbledon quarterfinals.

– Hope it doesn’t. Hope Roger comes back and plays. He is an amazing player. Now I hope he retires from tennis, he will enjoy the time he spent with his family, he will recover and return – insisted the Wroclaw resident.

Previously, Pole showed himself to be a master 45 years ago. Wozniacki reached the FIFA World Cup final in Houston in 1976, losing five sets to Spaniard Manuel Arundes.

Live broadcast and results of the Hubert Hurkacz – Danił Miedwiediew contest on Starts at 2 p.m.


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