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"The farmer looking for a wife" Chapter 9. Farmers election!  Krzysztof announced his engagement with Bogusia [STRESZCZENIE] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

“The farmer looking for a wife” Chapter 9. Farmers election! Krzysztof announced his engagement with Bogusia [STRESZCZENIE] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

What happened in the 9th episode of the show: “The farmer is looking for a wife”? The audience got to know the preferences of the farmers. Krzysztof was surprised, he revealed his plans for the future to Marta Manovska … Summary of Sunday chapter is below!

“Farmer is looking for a wife”, Season 8, Episode 9 – aired on TV on November 14, 2021. What happened? Summary

Choose Participants! The new chapter brought an answer to the question of who the women participating in the show chose. What is the verdict of Elizabeth and Camilla?

Stanislav from the project: “Farmer looking for a wife”

Stanislav and the girls prepared a barbecue. However, he told the cameras that his relatives would not go with them during the meeting.

The four of us will do a barbecue. My parents will not come, nor will my brother. They don’t want to be a part of it, I respect that – The farmer agreed.

In turn, Alexandra bluntly agreed … she wants to go home now!

All this makes me tired … – She added.

In the end, however, Stanislav’s choice is not shown in the last chapter.

Elspeeta from the project: “Farmer looking for a wife”

On election day, Ella asked her guests for help. While sawing the tree, the farmer saw the work of Marek and Stanislav. Meanwhile, the men did not hide a little nervousness at that verdict.

During the conversation between Eli and Marta Manovska, the farmer directly suggested that he did not see any humans …

Elżbieta finally thanked Stanisław and decided to form a relationship with Marek.

Camila from the show: “Farmer looking for a wife”

Camila recalled a past encounter with her relatives; The farmer did not miss the fact that Tomas paid more attention to his guests. She also admitted that she was a little close to Adam …

Kamala was not sure about her decision till the last. During a meeting with Marta Manovska, the farmer first listened to the men and then announced the verdict: She chose Adam.

Krzysztof from the project: “Farmer looking for a wife”

Krzysztof, who had previously made a choice, spent every moment with Bogusia.

It turned out to be really amazing. I was ready for everything: I also took into account the fact that I would be rejected. Maybe it would have been worse if I hadn’t been involved in a farm, but I find myself here (…) – Bogusława report with a smile.

He also said that he did not return home as per the request of the farmer.

It’s amazing – it’s so beautiful The excited man was talking in front of the cameras.

The lovers welcomed Marta Manovska aboard, and Christoph openly admitted that he had a girlfriend and that he had bought a ring! Not long ago, Pokசmon whispered the question of whether he would become his wife.

Very quick wedding! The leader shouted in surprise.

Soon, Krzysztof actually asked Bogusława to marry him and was accepted. The woman did not hide her feelings.

From the show Kamil: “Farmer looking for a wife”

Asia and Kamil soon discovered a book of understanding, and the sight of a smiling couple made Marta Manovska happy. The farmer briefly told the journalist everything that had happened over the days.

Happiness has occurred – I will not say (…). When I look at Asia, I have (…) as much joy as I look at myself – He revealed to Marta Manovska.

Kamil decides to officially ask if he will be Jonah’s girlfriend!

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” When is Episode 10? Where and when to look? Broadcast on TVP 1

Participants in the 8th edition of the show: “Farmer looking for a wife” made their choices! Now is the time for return visits and extra dates. Whom did Stanislav choose? How did the new relationship develop? This and many more questions will be answered in the next, 10th chapter! The next episode airs on Sunday, November 21 at 21:15 on TVP 1.

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Krzysztof and Bogusława are approaching! “Gravity is there.” What happened in the last episode?

What happened on the show: “Farmer looking for a wife”? In the last episode, participants met to introduce their relatives to the candidates and candidates. With Krzysztof and Kamil, the selection has already been made and one of the senior farmers has been selected …

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