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A surprise at Szczecin.  Pogo mixed in the fight for the championship [WIDEO] Pica Nona

A surprise at Szczecin. Pogo mixed in the fight for the championship [WIDEO] Pica Nona

13 – So many goals in the last four league games scored by Pogoń Szczecin. On Friday evening, they wanted to retain the series more than two rivals in the battle for the championship title: Lech Poznań and Rakowo Częstochowa for at least several hours.

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“If we do not wake up, we will cry after the game”

In the first quarter of an hour the Szczecin players were unable to catch the exact rhythm of the game and create a scoring atmosphere. Not only that, the spectators got a great chance, but Jorgenho missed the goal from eleven meters. After a quarter of an hour the hosts started playing better. We do not have to wait long for the results. Kamil Crosici scored in the 33rd minute from the penalty spot. He took the ball in the sixth meter and overtook his opponent to defeat Christoph Kaminski with a strong shot at the long corner. This is his sixth goal in the league this season.

Wisła Płock’s response is lightning fast. Four minutes later, after a free kick, Lukasz Sekulsky took the ball in the sixteenth meter. The ball bounced into the net as soon as Wisla Black hit the front. This is Chekulsky’s eleventh goal this season. Thanks to that he was elevated to fourth place among the most talented players in the league.

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– We played very badly in the first half, Visa is definitely a great team. If we do not wake up in the second half, we will cry after this game. The league leader can’t play like that – said Kamil Crosicki during the Canal + Sport break.

Great controversy at stop time. “Does anyone understand why he is not guilty?”

The hosts started the second half with great enthusiasm. They were the ones who were on the ball for a long time and tried to score the second goal. Paradoxically, however, it was the guests who created the most dangerous situations after the big counterattacks. After one of them, after a shot from Christian Vallow, Stibica was saved by Bogon with an excellent defense. In the 63rd minute, the league leader’s goalkeeper was helpless with another counter-attack and an accurate shot from Jorgeinho from fourteen meters.

Then the chase hit, but it didn’t do much. She could not make it 100 percent. At the ceremony. The game was very controversial in extra time and the hosts seemed to have a clear penalty kick, but the referees did not decide to do so.

Chasing this defeat is 56 points, one more than Lek Bosnan and Rakov Chestochova, but one match played more. On Saturday, Leg Legia face Warsaw, with Rakov playing against Wroclaw on Sunday. Wisa Pock is in fifth place with 42 points.

In another Friday match, Zagłębie Lubin defeated Stal Mielec 3: 1 in front of their own crowd.

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Pogo Szczecin – Wisła Płck 1: 2 (1: 1)

Goals: Kroszczyk (33.) – Chekulsky (37.), Georginho (63.).

Purpose: Stibika – Bartkowski (73. Kostors), Malek, Triantafillopoulos, Machado – Deprovsky – Fornalsik (61. Zhuravsky), Trikos From (61. Jean Carlos), Kowalsik (79. Pishaccian), Krozcik – Parsiek (61. Kuச்சarsik).

Vistula: Kaminsky – Zbozień From (80. Lagerter), Mikhailsky, Krasanovsky – Wallo, Schwartz (82. Furman), Lesniak FromTomasik – Pawlak (70. Błathewicz), Sekulski (70. Tuszyński), Jorginho (70. Kolar).