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Wojciech Kukovsky comes out of his brother's shadow.  He performed at the Opol - Super Express Festival

Wojciech Kukovsky comes out of his brother’s shadow. He performed at the Opol – Super Express Festival

Author: AKBA

Wojciech Kukovsky (46) is a member of the Frazia I Kukovsky Band. Today he wants to get out of the shadow of his father Christoph Kukovsky and brother Pyotr Kukovsky. He performed at a ceremony in Obol. At the premiere, he performed the song “We’ll Laugh Again”.

Wojciech Kukovsky And Pyotr Kukovsky formed the Frasia Band over the years. Today Vojtek Kukovsky wants to pursue a solo career – in 2020, his first solo song, “Do Not Wait for a Sign” was released.

Wojciech Kukovsky wants to get out of the shadow of his brother and father. His performance on stage at Opol will help him. Opol performed the song “We Will Laugh Again” at the 2022 ceremony. Will it win in the premieres?

Who is Wojcicki Kukovsky?

Wojciech Kukovsky (45), son of Kristof Kukovsky of Putka Suflera. However, the musician has a very rich art publication. Although he has completed projects with a famous father on his professional path, he is doing well without his support. Wojciech Kukovsky is a musician, guitarist and singer. At one time he was associated with the Brescia and Kukovsi groups. In the 90s he was the lead singer of the Dipsy train band. He also sang in the band Alligators. In 1997, he performed his first sound concert with his brother Pyotr – the beginning of the Frasia band they founded, and have been in operation since 2001.

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In 2003, Guitar I’s Magazine presented him with the “Hope of the Year” award, which he received as Vojtech Kukovsky with his band. On June 9, 2007, along with his band Prussia, he won the TOPtrendy Festival in Sopot and finished second in the “Premier” competition in Obol.

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In 2004 he played a major role in the movie “Attractive Bosna Bani” … He also appeared on the TV show “Bar V: VIP”. As a session musician, he performed and recorded with a number of artists from the Luplin scene. . Zolka Chip, with Marek Dijak and Laplin Bart Federation.

On November 6, 2020, he released his first solo song, “Don’t Wait for Identity”, announcing a solo album on the same topic. This album was recently released and contains music only in Polish. Until now, the artist was more interested in writing songs in English, and this year’s performance in Obole will definitely bring him more success and expand his audience.

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In the end

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