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Justina Steskovskaya in latex dress.  What a setback

Justina Steskovskaya in latex dress. What a setback

The Polish Song Festival in Obol kicked off on June 17, 2022. That’s on stage, and many stars are going to star, including Justina SteskovskayaIt will celebrate its 25th anniversary during the festival.

Justina Steskovskaya Is one of the brightest Polish stars. For many years, he was delighted with his beautiful voice and styling. Unfortunately, during the rehearsal at Opol, he did not entertain his fans with costumes. She even had a slight slip.

Justina Steskovskaya He was wearing a latex overcoat during a rehearsal at Obol. The star also had large sunglasses to protect the eyes from sunlight. The singer had a stylization slip-up. She had two different shoes on her feet. Steskovskaya had a black shoe on his left foot, while a shoe had a high heel on his right foot.

Justyna Steczkowska was born on August 2, 1972 in Rzeszów. Justina began her music career singing in rock and jazz bands.

In 1994, he won the final of the first edition of the “Chance for Success” project. In 1995, he won the final of the “Baltic Song Festival” and represented Poland in the 40th Eurovision Song Contest. Since 1996, he has released 17 studio albums, including 12 solo albums.

Also, he composed and recorded the soundtrack for the film “End of the World”.

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