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Opol 2022: Cassia Chichobek was screaming!  Donetsk scenes behind the scenes!

Opol 2022: Cassia Chichobek was screaming! Donetsk scenes behind the scenes!

Kasia Sikobek has been the main character of gossip magazines for many months. All, of course, because of her separation from her husband and rumors of a relationship with Maciej Kurzajewski.

TVP apparently decided to take advantage of this interest on the part of lovers because it made them the hosts of Friday’s concert at the Opol Festival.

Kasia was very happy because it was a new experience. It was only after Opal arrived that her face collapsed.

According to the “Fakt” report, it was “difficult” during the rehearsal for the concert. Chichobek was very upset, At one point she began to raise her voice.

“Cassia used a piece of paper and looked at her notes. Even in this cheat sheet she was sometimes confused and sometimes she just wanted to drown out stage fright … with a shout” – reports “Fakt” of.

The fact that Maseek is performing well and he does not need a card must have caused Kasia’s frustration, but he’s an old festival fan. However, the journalist did not forget Chichobek for a moment.

“Even when he whispered something in her ear, a bright smile appeared on Chichobek’s face” – we read.

The tabloid knew that the stage had become a serious obstacle for ChichobekBecause the hosts would “announce the artists from stage to stage”, which also included glass plates, and Chichobek wore high heels and demanding costumes.

She needs to control herself a lot so as not to fall. Fortunately, Maciej uses his hand …

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