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Festival at Opol 2022: Voting Results.  Carolina Liser wins

Festival at Opol 2022: Voting Results. Carolina Liser wins

This year, the Opol Festival is meeting very different opinions from the audience. Some are satisfied with the current design of the event, while others criticize it The event only encourages older boysThe one who should have left the stage a long time ago. During yesterday’s edition of the festival, visitors were only able to admire the stars from many years ago.

However, many young talents have appeared on the scene today. Stanislava Selinska is the only old man in the Premiership competition. Performed by: Sonia Masselnik, Philip Lado, Stanislava SelinskaMarion, Vojtech Kukovsky, Kemia, Anga, Bartos Simonyak, Carolina Lyser and Sabina Szevsik.

Carolina Liser won the premiere at the Opal with the song “Sista Voda”. The piece, characterized by Balkan rhythms with elements of folk tales, became unmatched this year.

Carolina Liser won the ZAIKSU Award for Best Text. On the other hand, the ZAIKS Award for Music was given to Sonia Maselik. In this way, the song “Tilko Tu” became unique. Moments later, the main prize was presented to the artist Carol Museol by the Deputy Mayor of Opal. The singer won three awards.

Carolina Liser is the undisputed winner of today’s Premier League. Singer, in addition to her vocal skills, is a pianist and harpsichordist, and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship for Art School Students 2021. She developed her talents at Elżbieta Zapendowska and Andrzej Głowacki Song School and the Author’s Musical. School at the Roma Theater.

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Two years ago he participated in the “Chance for Success” show. Later, he was the finalist for the inaugural concert at the 57th National Polish Song Festival in Obol, where he performed a song. “Clean water”. This year, the same song turned out to be lucky for her.

Who knows, Carolina Liser will follow in the footsteps of Christian Ochmann, who won the Opal a year ago, which later led to her participation in Eurovision.

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