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A phrase about Rafinha.  Brazil made an unexpected decision for FC Barcelona

A phrase about Rafinha. Brazil made an unexpected decision for FC Barcelona

Rabinha is one of FC Barcelona’s targets for the summer transfer window. However, journalist Bill Hay says he is not sure if the Brazilian wants to leave Leeds United.

Last season in the Premier League, Rabinha established himself as one of England’s best winger. Brazilian Leeds performed brilliantly in the colors of United, which eventually struggled to stay in the elite.

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The 25-year-old has played in 35 league games. He scored 13 goals and three assists, making a significant contribution to his team’s final victory.

A lot has been said recently about the possible departure of the winger. The team of interested teams primarily referred to FC Barcelona and Arsenal.

At the same time, Leeds United were careful not to lose a key player. So the administration imposed a condition – those who wished must pay at least 50 million euros to the Brazilian.

This attitude complicated the negotiations between the clubs. Additional information has now come in from Bill Haye that Rafinhave is not sure he wants to leave Leeds United for the summer.

“The Athletic” journalist says that the upcoming World Championships will have a big impact on the end of Brazil. In the colors of his current boss, the 25-year-old has a safe place and is close to leaving for the World Cup. Transforming into a strong club will make this process much more difficult.

So Hay did not rule out the possibility that Robinha would represent “peacocks” until the January transfer window. The winger will not be allowed to leave Eland Road until after the Soccer Championship.

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