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Piłkarze ręczni Łomży Vive Kielce przegrali po dogrywce i rzutach karnych z obrońcą trofeum hiszpańską Barcą 32:32 (28:28, 13:14), karne 3-5 w finale Ligi Mistrzów w Kolonii.

Lomsa Viv Keells lost in the Champions League final. Penalty resolutions were passed

In the Champions League final in Cologne, Lomza Viv Keells’ handball players lost to the Spanish Cup defender 32:32 (28:28, 13:14), 3-5, after extra time and penalties.

Goalkeeper Viv Andreas Wolf stopped Luca Syntric in the first half of the game. Shortly afterwards, Keells took the lead with a goal from Nicholas Turnett. Rivals Alex Gomez and Angel Fernandes Perez (former Viv players of Perez and Syntric) responded with success. The Spanish winger scored again in the sixth minute, 4: 2 for Barca. A minute later Kielce’s team had already lost by three goals (Gomez from the penalty spot).

Talent Tuyshebov’s players lost the ball in the attack and the opponent used it mercilessly. The Polish team slowly calmed down the game, they could communicate with their opponent 5: 7 in 13 minutes, but Arcadius Morito made a mistake on the wing. Franco Vujovic finished the Keels team with three wins on his account a quarter of an hour later.

The signal to compensate for the losses was Wolf’s successful intervention. Gonzalo Perez de Vargas defeated Alex Dujshebaev and Barca took the lead only 10: 9 (21. min). In the 25th minute it was already a draw at 12:12 (Arciom Karalek Simon scored on a throw from Sika). Shortly afterwards, Timothey N’Gessan lost the fight with Wolf, but the Vive players failed to attack and wasted their chance to take the lead. At the break, Barாa came out on top with a goal advantage (14:13) after German goalkeeper Viv had beaten Gomez for the sixth time. After 30 minutes Wolf had six successful interventions, as did the rival goalkeeper.

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After the break, Władysław Kulesz led the draw. For every ball, every inch of the dance floor there was fierce fighting on the dance floor. In 35 minutes. Wolf stopped Eider Arino’s shot and Viv took the lead two minutes later (17:16, Daniel Duzhshev goal). For the next few minutes the result was still in balance. Keells could have taken the lead with two goals in 45 minutes, but Morito did not use a penalty.

The next minutes passed, but neither team was able to jump from opponent to more than one goal. 10 minutes before the end, Wolf saved Ludovic Fabregas’ throw, but Viv’s players lost the ball with a lead of 24:23. In two minutes that too failed. In the throw, Fabregas crossed the seven-meter line and the Polish team recorded another defeat.

Barca could have taken the lead in the 54th minute, but Wolf Gomez saved the throw in fantastic style. He kept the match very tense till the last and the fans in the hall stood up and watched him. Three minutes later, several seconds later, Barca scored two goals as the Spaniards won 27:26. Karalek quickly led to a draw. In the next move of the rivals, Tomas Kepala received a two minute penalty.

Two minutes into the end, Gomez scored from the penalty spot, and Keells quickly lost the ball. In the next act, Tika Mem missed and coach Viv asked for 56 seconds before the final siren. Kielce’s team played better and equalized to Karalek in the final seconds, leading to extra time.

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The extra time of the game started with a throw that Mem missed, shortly after Barca stopped goalkeeper Cooles. Both teams scored a goal (Nahi and Timothy N’Kussen). But it was the Wolf show that saved the blows of Fabregas and Melvin Richardson in the next few minutes. Fellow Germans on the field were unable to take advantage of this. After the first half of extra time the Spanish champion took the lead 30:29.

The last five minutes started with Weave’s strong win. After Daniel’s goals and Morida’s penalty, the Polish team took the lead at 31:30. Arino brought him to equalize. One and a half minutes before the end, Morito scored from the penalty spot, but a minute later Mem responded. Keells had a chance to win, but Alex Dujshev failed to bowl the ball shortly before the end.

The criminal proceedings all ended. Among them Barca players were flawless. Alex Dujshevov is the Spanish champion who made a mistake and enjoyed victory in the Polish team.

Bar பார்a handball players have won the Champions League for the eleventh time in history. No other team has won this trophy so often. Barcelona have repeated last year’s success this year.

In 2016, Keells’ team, then known as Viv Darren, won the decisive match, after penalties, against Hungarian Telecom Vesper. In 2013 and 2015, the Polish champions took third place and three years ago – fourth place.

Until 1993, the most important trophy in men’s club handball was the European National Champions Trophy. From next season, the games took on a new form – the EHF Champions League.

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From the 2009/10 season, LM tournaments end with the final four matches played in Cologne.

Victory of the Poles! Lomsa Viv Keels in the final of the Champions League of Handball Players