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Festival at Opol 2022: "Already Summer, or Holiday Wins from Opol"

Festival at Opol 2022: “Already Summer, or Holiday Wins from Opol”

“Summer Already, or Holiday Hits from Obol” is the last concert of the third day of the festival in Obol.

Popular summer songs are similar to the others Slovak Uniadovsky, Breast, Katarzyna Cerekwicka, Lucas Zagrobelny, Jacek Lenardovich, OT.TO Cabaret, Rafał Brzozowski, Olga Ponsik, Ania Rusovich, Janek Trasik, Krzysztof Szczepaniak, Zurek Krechnik, Olga SomanskaIf Anna Wisconsin.

Are leaders Katarzyna aak I Robert Rosemus.

The concert started with the performance of all the participants including Olga PonsikWho sang the song Zbigniew Wodecki “Salubi”.
In the following minutes, “Moon over Jurata” (hosted) There is no Wisconsin) And “You will find me again” (he sang Luke Zagrobelny)

They formed a pair on stage Michelina Sosna And Janek Trasik From the song “Dandelions, Kites, Wind”.

Jacek Lenardovich Performed Sami’s summer hit “Lado 2000” Olga Somanska He described the success of “Pichhoda do Latta”.

Robert Rosemus introduced the audience to the cabaret environment with the song “Monica Girl Lifeguard”. However, he introduced the audience to a completely different situation Ania Rusovich With the song “Back to the Lake.”

With a huge success மானமு I Demanding Faced with “Cicadas in the Cyclades” Jersey Grenic. However, they performed on their own OT.TO Cabaret (“It’s already summer”) and Breast (“Barcelona”).

He sang the song “Port”. Rafał Brzozowski. “Help me sing,” he told the audience. Another appeared on the scene Katarzyna CerekwickaSung by “Augustów Nights”.

A couple formed after her Olga Ponsik I Katarzyna aak In the song “To was a blonde”. After a while, the audience saw all three. Christoph Zephaniac, Janek Trasic and Lucas Zakrobelny zaśpiewali “pretty beautiful girl”.

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“Captain’s Tango” she sang Michelina SosnaA Philip Kurlax “I’m going to the beach,” he sang. Others appeared on stage: Slovak Uniadovsky (“Chasing Cormorants”), Krzysztof Iwaneczko (“Beaufort 10”) and Harlem (“Mussoorie Miracle”).

They formed a romantic couple on stage Tomasz Szczepanik I Anna Wisconsin In the song “History of an Acquaintance” Red guitar. They followed: Katarzyna aak (“No more wild beaches”) and OT.TO Cabaret From “Vacation”. The whole event ended with the success of “Go to the Sun” performed by all the participants. Two plus one.