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Raś i Zalewski tracą funkcje w komisjach (fot. PAP/Łukasz Gągulski)

MPs Ross and Jalewski were expelled from the parliamentary committees

Excluded delegates from the PO: Irenas Ross and Paves Jalewski were dismissed by the Sezmal on Wednesday – at the request of the Go Club – from members of the parliamentary committee. Jalewski was the chairman of the Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee and vice chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

MPs were expelled from the Civic base. R ś: This is the language of garbage, comparing us to garbage

It leaves us for saying a few words, we don’t like it, the Civic operating system goes down 12 percent. In days …

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Delegates voted in the SEZ on Wednesday afternoon Changes in the composition of parliamentary committees. Related application, among other things, Ross and Jalewski.

The changes were demanded by the Civic Alliance Club. – Both members held positions in these committees According to Equality, our club has a right to it – Robert Grobiviniki, vice president of the KO Club, explained in an interview.

Jalewski said he was surprised to be fired from the Foreign Affairs Council. Kesari Tomsik, the boss of the KO club, said on Tuesday that he was not a member of the KO club. – I was informed that removal from the party would be useful Automatic removal from Alliance Club Said the politician.

Information about the dismissals of MPs Ross and Jalewski from the set of parliamentary committees was also provided through the portal of the weekly magazine “To Rexy”.


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