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Tottenham v Aston Villa: Deserved defeat for the hosts.  Conclusion and relationship

Tottenham v Aston Villa: Deserved defeat for the hosts. Conclusion and relationship

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Tottenham have already lost their chance to advance to the top four in the Premier League. Now they are focused on the fight for 5-6 places, which will advance to the Europa League group stage. The Roosters are in a difficult position because they have a big chase team on their backs: West Ham, Leeds, Everton and Arsenal. Aston Villa, on the other hand, is already firmly in the middle of the table, but this season it’s pretty much on the go.

Tottenham started the game brilliantly and quickly took the lead. In the 8th minute, Steven Bergwiz fell in the penalty area of ​​Aston Villa, putting the ball into the net with a powerful shot from a long corner. However, the cocks did not follow the blow and they themselves received two painful shots. In the 20th minute, Sergio Regulon unfortunately intervened and beat his own goalkeeper. However, I have to admit that the shot was very beautiful. Aston Villa were able to take the lead in the first half. Ollie Watkins took advantage of Regulon’s next mistake, this time scoring the second goal for the spectators from close range, eliminating the action.

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After the break, Tottenham were definitely advancing and the Aston Villa goalkeeper had to be on his guard at all times. In the 48th minute he saved his team and showed a great march after the victory of Bergwijn. However, over time, guests were able to move their rushing guests away from their own fines, and above all, they prevented dangerous situations. As it neared the end, Tottenham’s offensive construction deteriorated and became more chaotic.

In the end, Tottenham failed to make up for the loss and lost to Aston Villa. This is a very bad decision for the Roosters – they are 6th (which gives them a game in the Europa League), but Arsenal are 9th behind them. The fight for the trophies will take place until the last round in England, which comes on Sunday: Tottenham will face the best Leicester at home.

Elsewhere, Everton beat the Wolves 1-0 and Sheffield United 1-0 at Newcastle.

Tottenham – Aston Villa 1: 2 (1: 2)

Goals: Bergwign (8) – Regulon (20 – Cole Sam), Watkins (39)