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Descendants have come back.  I do not know what.  We review the Let the Bad Times roll

Descendants have come back. I do not know what. We review the Let the Bad Times roll

Many of you have music returns waiting for you. There is also the arrival of descendants, which no one really needs.

Of course, I do not want to snatch the initial experiences with American pop punk-rock from the 90s from anyone reading this text. No, Descendants’ “Smash” album is considered by many to be Green Day. “Tookie”, a turning point for this breed. You know, American pop punk is like American beer and European beer. Find out for yourself what I am going to do.

But, in order not to go in the direction of negative emotions, I admit that when I released the album “Americana” in 1998, I caught the global frenzy in The Descendants. From there comes a very popular area at the end of the 20th century, viz. Cute fly (for a white guy). That was when I was 12 years old Entering Not even bad. Remember – 12 years …

“Americana” is the band’s last hit album. Since then, their popularity has plummeted. Until recently, The Descendants’ last album was “Days Go Buy” released in 2012. But I bet the mass audience would not know that the team released anything after Americana.

Their latest album “Let the Bad Times Roll” is back. Do you need one? Not really.

With its five-minute band in the 90s, 9 years away, I wonder what a new album with such generic and bland material counts on being in the music industry forever. Of course, no one will stop them. Moms love to play and remember the old days – here you are. However, since the descendants are back, they have something interesting to present to you.

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Listening to the opening buck This is not imaginary, You should pay attention not to be confused with a song of Green Day performance, but sung less. Descendants along this path somehow agree that all they have to offer is an original and without any trace, secondary and definite pop punk.

Title Let the Bad Times roll Sounds like a piece from Katy Perry’s review, but the guitar is arranged.

Behind your walls It’s so good, it’s close to rock themes, average, but a little more classic than the previous two tracks.

Army This is probably the best number on the album. Good rifts and good energy make it ideal for driving or driving a car.

In general, the middle part of this album is definitely the most interesting.

Breaking these bones He greets us with a strong drum introduction and then maintains a dynamic pace driven by matter-of-fact bass and guitar. It’s a pity it lasts less than three minutes … Hassan Saab The fleshy guitar, with its pleasing bass and insane pace, saves the album from total humiliation. But, it also takes a few moments because it finishes after 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

What else do we have… For example, completely unnecessary cover In The Hall of the Mountain King On strong acceleration. why no? Is Opioid tyrosineIt sounds like any punk rock song ever recorded. Or Gone, When it does not seem like a green day fake, the melody of the piece is dangerously approaching theft Mad world od tears for fears.

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In a word – this is bad.

If there are descendant fans among us, on the one hand they are celebrating a small celebration now, but on the other hand, I doubt they will be fully satisfied with this album either. So I let the Bad Times roll, so you don’t have to.