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Drunk fans flew to the LE finals. Outrageous behavior football on a plane

The plane, which was flying from Manchester to the Pharaoh, was diverted into the air and landed at Nantes, France at 19:44. Police handcuffed and took away all five people on board. After a brief stop, the plane resumed its journey and landed in Portugal just after 22:00 local time.

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Eyewitnesses argue that the flight attendants were forced to intervene after several warnings to Rangers FC supporters. Those who were drunk, however, did not respond to instructions and as a result the plane made an emergency landing in France.

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“They ignored everything they said. It was disgusting. The tech crew did everything to calm them down, but the men did not respond to any requests” – said a witness quoted by

Drunk fans were ejected from the plane

The airline has also confirmed the incident. “A small number of men disembarked on a flight from Manchester to Faro. One of them refused to board. The total flight delay was one hour and 15 minutes,” the report said.

Local men say police released the men after they were identified and fined. However, Rangers FC fans had to figure out how to get from Nantes to Seville, where the Europa League final will take place on Wednesday, in which Scottish runner-up Eintracht will play against Frankfurt.

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For Rangers FC, this is the first European Cup final since 2008. Scotland lost 2-0 to Janet St. Petersburg in the UEFA Cup final 14 years ago. Wednesday morning meeting in Seville at 21:00.

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