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Media: Victor Orban "Risk of breaking with Poland"

Media: Victor Orban “Risk of breaking with Poland”

The German daily “Die Weld” estimates that the statement of the Hungarian diplomat was not a big surprise. Petera SchijjartoCommenting on the announcement of Sweden and Finland joining NATO, he ruled that it should still be taken into account. “Sensitivity of Turkey”. According to the newspaper’s correspondent, Philipp Fritz, the Hungarian government’s approach has been consistent with how it has acted since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Budapest, a member of the European Union and NATO, Will break. Prime Minister Victor Orban It was not allowed to supply arms to the Ukrainian army through Hungarian territory. It rejects tough sanctions against Russia, especially the oil embargo, “Fritz said.

He added that many in the audience were stunned “Pro-Russian election campaign” Orban. “However, thanks to this tactic, Orban’s party, Fidesz, was able to win the parliamentary elections in April.

“The question arises as to whether the Russian-friendly curriculum is only part of Orban’s election campaign, or is it his basic policy? Budapest has been more and more closely associated with Russia for many years. At the Box Atomic Power Station by the Russian company Rosatom“- Fritz adds.

In his opinion, the names of members of Orban’s new government “signal that he is not thinking about changing his course.” Peter Szijjarto will be the head of diplomacy and, like any other leading Hungarian politician, will openly show that he is close to Moscow. “Shortly before the parliamentary elections, the Hungarian newspaper Direct 36 published a report in which the Ministry of Sijjardo was” completely “hacked by the Russian secret services. It is clear to the Minister that this is not a problem“- Journalist” Die Welt “writes.

Controversies are also being raised by the future defense minister – in his opinion Kristof Szalay-Bobrovniczky. Former Ambassador and Entrepreneur to London “He is said to have good relations with Russia.”. In 2019, he became co-owner of a Hungarian subsidiary of Russia-owned Transmash Holdings, which in turn would have ties to the Russian military and the Russian defense establishment, Fritz said.

“This is particularly likely to cause discontent in Warsaw. They criticize the Hungarian authorities for their policy on Russia. The Polish government is one of the most important allies in Ukraine. For him, studying in Budapest is a big problem, “Fritz wrote.

He recalls that Poland and Hungary worked closely together. “Over the years, they have supported each other in conflicts with the EU over media freedom and the rule of law. Orban knows about this, but still risks breaking with Poland. The reason is that Hungary is actually more dependent on Russian ingredients than many European countries. This may be related to Russia’s great sympathy among voters who want an urban balance between Moscow and Brussels, “said journalist Die Welt.

According to an expert from the Central European University in Budapest Zsuzsanny Szelenyi Orban’s pro-Russian policy is also his “Tender Card”. Budapest may be willing to offer some concessions if the EU encounters other issues, he argues. In particular, it is about opening up money from the reconstruction fund and compromising on the “money for the rule of law” mechanism.

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