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PiS senators will not support Wróblewski

PiS senators will not support Wróblewski

240 delegates supported the appointment of Bartholomew Vrooplevsky as ombudsman. 201 was against and 11 voted. Other candidates – Saomir Patra, backed by the KO and the PSL – and Pyotr Ikonovich, nominated by the Left, did not have the support of the majority seam.

According to information posted on Sezmin’s website, 231 members of the Pies Club supported Vrooplevsky. No one voted against, but three people voted. It was the applicant, Bartholomew Vrublevsky, Mikas Vybiz (contract) and Wojciech Maximovich, who previously announced their departure from the Pies Club.

Lipiki: Vroplevsky may have a problem in the Senate

“By voting out of the agreement to vote for Michael Vybiz and Professor Wojciech Maksimovich, Bartholomew Vrublewski’s candidacy was voted for by the Sezmil Ombudsman.


Who is Bartholomew Vrooplevsky?

Bartholomew Vrublevsky was an educator and a lawyer who specialized in constitutional law. He is a member of the Sage of the 8th and 9th terms. He received the order from District No. 39 (Bosna). He is the one who won the crown of the earth.

Adam Mikhevich graduated from the University of Faculty of Law and Administration in 2000 with a degree in law. He received his master’s degree in comparative law in 2003 and completed his postgraduate studies at Ren ரs Frederick William University in Bonn. He studied European social law at the University of Otto and Friedrich at Bamberg. He did research internships in Strasbourg and Berlin.

Vrublevsky conducted a dozen or more free legal aid campaigns in Bosnas and Bosna Bowieat. He was a supporter of the draft law on free legal aid and legal education submitted by the President of the Republic of Poland. In 2017 she prepared an application to the Constitutional Tribunal to review the constitution of the Anti-Abortion Act relating to abortion due to defects in the fetus. In the fall of 2020, he was one of the delegates who put forward the motion during the pre-trial hearing of the Constitutional Tribunal. In the end, the so-called tribunal found that eugenic abortion was unconstitutional.

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