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Will Prince William and Prince Harry come to an agreement?  They left the church together

Will Prince William and Prince Harry come to an agreement? They left the church together

Prince Harry first appeared in London in one year. He flew to the funeral of Prince Philip and was last seen in the British capital in March 2020. In the absence of Prince Charles’ son, a lot happened. Megan Markle and her husband gave a loud interview, which separated the couple from the royal family.

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Sky News has released a video showing Prince Harry St. leaving with Prince William and Princess Kate. George. You can see that the brothers were able to speak when Prince Philip went to the burial place. Although Harry and Kate were wearing masks, they seemed to be in a good mood.

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Prince Harry and Prince William spoke at the funeral

Prior to this, the brothers had not had the opportunity to speak in person because Prince Harry had been isolated after his return from the United States. While cars waited outside the church to take the mourners to the funeral home, Prince William, Prince Harry and Princess Kate decided to walk.

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It is often said that Princess Kate played a major role in the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry. In an interview with the Daily Mail by body language expert Judy James at the time, Duchess Gate at one point allowed the brothers to speak:

“Harry followed William and Kate, but came to catch them. He was walking and talking between them. After a few seconds of appearing natural, Kate stepped back and the brothers spoke to themselves. It was like a real moment of unity“.

Photo: Screen: BBC

Those who mourn on the way to the grave

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