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Consumer protection outraged over Ferrero's recall: It's "scandal" and "completely unacceptable".

Consumer protection outraged over Ferrero’s recall: It’s “scandal” and “completely unacceptable”.

Ferrero recalls a line of “baby” products due to concerns about salmonella. Consumer protection is now expressed.

Dortmund – Consumers in several countries have become infected after consuming a wide range of “baby” products, which have been linked to the discovery of salmonella at a Belgian manufacturing site. Although production has been halted and affected products recalled, Consumer Protection is now urgently advising.

Consumer Protection warns against recalling a Ferrero.

Ferrero recalls all Kinder Surprise Eggs, Kinder Mini Eggs, Kinder Surprise Maxi and Chocolate Bons manufactured at its Arlon facility in Belgium. Then the authorities ordered the closure of the factory. Customers have reported severe diarrhea, vomiting and fever as a result of their consumption. But it shouldn’t have gone that far, says the Consumer Advice Center.

“It is shameful that Ferrero is only gradually informing consumers of the extent of the problem approximately four months after the first incident,” the group says. It is said that the situation deteriorated after that. As a result, salmonella infection was accepted, especially among children who preferred to eat ‘baby’ products.

This is unethical behaviour. “European food control authorities are urgently required to further clarify the scandal and inform the public in a transparent manner,” in order to protect consumers from possible salmonella disease, Consumer Protection said.

Did the company act too late in the Ferrero recall scandal?

Andreas Lehmann, head of corporate communications at Ferrero Germany, has now spoken out against Lebensmittelzeitung’s allegations. The presence of salmonella was reportedly discovered on December 15 as part of Arlon’s analysis plan. The recalls have since been issued, but only announced in a few countries and for a few products at once.

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As a result, some customers feel unhappy that information is not communicated directly to them. “We expressly apologize to our customers and business partners for giving the impression that we did not react quickly and comprehensively enough to the situation,” the company said.

The information was published as soon as possible. “While consolidated information is always desirable, it has been especially important for us to share new information as quickly as possible,” says the company’s head of communications.

Recall Ferrero: How does the company operate now

“We have stood for enjoyment and the highest quality for many decades,” the company said of the current scandal. “We were shocked that such a situation could arise despite our stringent security and analytical standards,” Lyman said.

There is no information yet on potential losses or future actions, but this is a margin for now. “With the highest standards of quality that can exist, we will take all necessary steps to restore full confidence from our customers,” the spokesperson said. It remains to be seen if the company can easily achieve this.

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