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Cooperation remains closed – Russian hackers privately identified – European Championship fan gets rid of rainbow flag – Military plane crashes in Philippines – 85 people on board

Russian network linked to IT attack on Coop

On Friday, Coop’s cash register system shut down after an IT attack.

So Coop had to close the vast majority of its stores in Sweden. They will remain closed on Sunday and it is not clear when they can reopen.

We’ll get back to you on that, says Kevin Bell, Coop’s press spokesman.

The incident is due to a cyber attack on software provider Kaseya – which helps with IT solutions for thousands of companies around the world.

According to IT security group Huntress Lab, the horrific Russian hacker group Revil may be behind the attack, Scriver Financial Times.

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Føns got rid of his rainbow flag

At first there was no problem when Christopher Vaughn brought his rainbow flag to the Olympic Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan. The guards at the entrance picked him up but still raised the flag in the stands.

– When I took her out of the stands, there were some guards who shouted “You gay, welcome to Baku,” Funes tells Extrabladet.

But then, for some reason, the guards in the arena had had enough. They came to Føns and told him he was not allowed to fly his flag, and began to tear it off. Several Danish supporters were said to have intervened and tried to prevent the confiscation of the guards.

– Fons says it really says a lot about the Danish fans, that we learned something, that we stand together.

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UEFA banned rainbow-colored advertisements during matches in Azerbaijan and Hungary.

– I think UEFA’s actions in this matter are problematic, says Vaughn.

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17 dead after plane crash

Sunday morning, a military plane crashed in the southern Philippines.

According to Defense Commander Cirilito Sobejana, the aircraft, a C-130, missed the runway and crashed when the pilot tried to save the situation, according to Reuters.

Of the total 92 people on board, most of them were young men who had recently finished their military training.

Sobiana states that 40 people were rescued from the flames from the burning military plane.

– We pray that we can save many lives, according to TT.

Reuters reports that 17 people have been confirmed dead.

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Coop hit a Russian cyber attack

There are no expectations for when stores will reopen.