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COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow.  Moraviki meets Pitana |  Policy

COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow. Moraviki meets Pitana | Policy

This year’s Climate Summit is being held in Glasgow, England. Started at COP26 Sunday And will last until November 12th. The goal of the COP participants was to stop the average temperature rise on Earth from pre-industrial temperatures to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

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Moraviki: I spoke behind the scenes with US President Joe Biden

The Prime Minister summed up his trip to Great Britain on Facebook. “In Glasgow today, I emphasized the importance of the starting point of individual nations in energy transformation.

Moraviki also announced that he had met with US President Joe Biden, but did not provide further details. “Today, behind the scenes, I spoke with US President Joe Biden about security issues, including climate challenges and energy,” he said.

Mateusz MorawieckiExperts evaluate Moraviki’s speech in Glasgow. “Ignorance”

Moraviki spoke at the summit in Glasgow

Moraviki spoke with delegates on Monday. As the head of government said, “We must all remember one principle.” – There can be no change in the cost of the people. He said after attending the summit that in order to gain the support of the people, the well-being of the green political citizen should be kept in the heart. As he stressed, “Today our country is quickly catching up – not by its own mistakes – as a result of decades of relying on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain”. He pointed out that we have made great strides in many areas through national environmental programs.

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Additional news articles on COP26 On the homepage.

Mateusz Morawiecki’s speech was like that Poorly received by experts. – Poland systematically avoids clear climate obligations – Today there is no indication of milestones that will determine the extent of our ambition in reducing emissions – said Jobia Wetmanska, climate analyst at the WiseEuropa think tank. Marcin Popkiewicz, a researcher at Megatrends and editor-in-chief of the Nauka o Climacie portal, spoke in a similar vein. – One can only hope that Poland, the only EU country that has not adopted the goal of climate neutrality, will finally use this opportunity to declare it. Or declare a carbon end date that is consistent with climate protection goals. Unfortunately, no details have been released – he noted.