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Copernican Academy.  The law was rejected by the Senate

Copernican Academy. The law was rejected by the Senate

52 senators voted in favor of the motion, while 45 voted against it. No one voted.

According to the assumptions Copernican Academy To strengthen the Polish education staff, increase its competitiveness and invite scientists from around the world to collaborate. Funding for research, including the provision of Copernican scholarships for its capabilities; Grant of Nicholas Copernicus Or appointing ambassadors to the Copernican Academy.

– The Copernican Academy will contribute to the decisive support for Polish science and raise it in the international arena – he argued. Przemysław Czarnek In early March.

The new company will have Six roomsWinners of the Astronomy and Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Medical Sciences, Economics and Management, Philosophy and Theology, Legal Sciences and the Copernican Prize. Provides regulation to create something that is structurally relevant Academy of a Public University – Nicholas Copernicus School.

Each room – except for the Copernican Prize winners – will have 10 to 20 members in the academy, but a maximum of one hundred in total. Members must be appointed by the President. The candidate for membership of the Academy may be a person who has received the written recommendations of at least two members of the Academy Room to which he is appointed.

As a rule, foreigners can not create more than half of the current combination of private rooms. At the request of the Minister in charge of Higher Education and Science, the law justifies that the first members of the Academy, not more than half of the full members of each Academy Chamber, be appointed by the President. He is now Przemysław Czarnek.

The Senate Legislative Office pointed out that the unique solution of the Copernican Academy was to “create members in the Academy Legislature that would be decisive and government-political.” “This is the way to create a college public body Very unique. The dominance of governmental and political factors signifies it The Academy is a ministerial (government) body. However, usually, such organizations are not provided with a legal and educational system “- added.

The seat of the Nicholas Copernicus School will be Warsaw, but the institute will coordinate the units operating in the country: the College of Astronomy and Life Sciences in Doron, the College of Medical Sciences in Olstein, the College of Economics and Management in Warsaw, the College of Philosophy and Theology in Krakow and the College of Law Science in Dublin.

The law, which was rejected by the Senate, was issued to an organization every five years World Copernican Congress. The first conference will be held in Toronto in 2023 to mark the 550th anniversary of the birth of Nicholas Copernicus. Its opening ceremony will take place on February 19, the astronomer’s birthday. Copernican researchers from around the world will be invited to Congress.

The total expenditure on the state budget corresponding to the effective date of the Act in terms of institutional and operating costs may be estimated at PLN 25 million per annum – as indicated in the Act’s justification.

During Wednesday’s debate, opposition senators pointed out The proposed company will copy the work of others, Existing companies, including PAN. They also expressed concern about the procedure for selecting academy members – from the political level, those who do not have the appropriate qualifications may be selected.

It was also pointed out that Poland has less funding for science compared to many European countries. Therefore, one should not create new companies, but increase the funding of existing ones – this is pointed out among others. Senator Bogdan Zdrojewski (KO).

Many scientific and academic circles, including the Conference of Rectors of Schools of Education in Poland, the General Council for Science and Higher Education and the Polish Academy of Sciences have called for a halt to its work. The law establishing the Copernican Academy is about to come into force September 1, 2022.

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