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​W czwartek w Stalowej Woli na Podkarpaciu uroczyście zainaugurowano budowę fabryki SK Nexilis, w której produkowana będzie folia miedziana wykorzystywana w bateriach samochodów elektrycznych. Dzięki inwestycji o wartości ok. 3 mld zł prace znajdzie ponad 500 osób.

Copper foil at Stalowa Wola. Construction of the plant started with 3 billion PLN

On Thursday, in Stalowa Wola in the Podkarpacie region, the SK Nexilis plant, which will produce copper foil used in electric car batteries, was officially opened. Thanks to the investment of about 3 billion PLN, more than 500 people will find work.

Take part in the party Deputy Prime Minister Jacek SassenAnd the Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk.

The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, sent a message to the participants of the ceremony. He emphasized that the investment opens up new horizons for Stalowa Wola and the entire region. In the president’s opinion, the combination of Polish and Korean capabilities would benefit both sides.

Duda noted that the establishment of the factory was made possible by the law he signed, which expanded the investment areas of Staloa and Walla.

The construction of the factory is good news for the Polish economyTo make our development vision a reality – added the chief.

During the ceremony, a film was shown in which President Duda addressed the assembled participants of the Stalowa Wola.

SKC President Woncheol Park said in his letter that the government and local government have helped the company a lot, including in obtaining the necessary permits.

. added The plant is scheduled to start production in the second half of 2024.

I think that Our investment will contribute to the development of the local economy. Today we take the first step towards our common future Park said.

On the other hand, SK Nexilis President Jaehong Yi confirmed it More than 500 people will find work directly in the factoryindirectly will be Several thousand new jobs.

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He also announced that the company would like to collaborate with schools to educate people with the qualifications required for the job.