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Coral reefs are being rescued at sea with this amazing technology

Coral reefs They have a vital role in preserving the planet and we are killing them. Few people know this, but these underwater structures play an essential role in the support from Biodiversity MarinaAs well as in protection against surface waves Mar. To be more precise, Coral reefs Support more than 25% off Biodiversity Marina And works as a protective barrier against waves, since it was level Mar Go up, people who live in Costa They face grave risks to their safety, and these corals help protect, as a kind of barrier, from the intensity of the waves.

The problem is that with Global Warming And the increase in phenomena such as tropical storms and hurricanes, Coral reefs, Along with hundreds of thousands of species that live in Mar, They are negatively affected. In this case, the problem is that when a phenomenon like a hurricane, for example, strikes areas of it MarThis can destroy coral reefs and also kill species that live near them. Additionally, some research shows that higher atmospheric temperatures (and sea level rise) are making tropical storms more frequent and destructive. This makes this problem a problem that we must solve as quickly as possible.

The good news (though not the ultimate solution) is that technology is starting to focus on repairing the damage humans have done to the planet. For example, a few years ago, a machine was already announced that would help clean up plastic from the sea with an enzyme capable of devouring the debris in the ocean. And now, the efforts of some experts have also decided to consider another important topic to save Mar As we know it: Rescue marine reefs.

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How it works?

Many sea species depend on coral reefs to survive

© Sebastian Pena Lambari

Method this kind of Technique It works through a structure that mimics a shape Coral reefs So that it can be inhabited again by the species affected by its destruction.

In addition to mimic the shape Coral reefs Thus saving its benefits in MarUltimately, this type of technology is expected to drive growth Coral. The bad news is that this process takes up to a decade to regain one hectare.

This tool was designed by American businessman John Paul Digoria, who is supporting this project led by scientists interested in saving the Marine biodiversity. They called this project Ocean-Shot.

Ocean-Shot provides opportunities for other species and forms of marine life to colonize Coral It thus survives the effects of natural phenomena such as hurricanes. In addition to serving as a rooftop barrier and wave protection for people who live in Costas, Job corresponding to Sea coral.

Since we humans innovate so much in technology that we’ve even built cities and roads under the sea, it is good to know that there is an interest in balancing these investments with technology that seeks to protect and save the ocean.