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A new indie horror game has been announced at Summer Game Fest

A new indie horror game has been announced at Summer Game Fest

On the Summer Festival 2022 game became the game Fort Solis announced. Fort Solis is an indie horror game from Fallen Leaf Studios, among other things Roger Clark and Troy Beckr will appear as artists. While Clarke was seen in Red Dead Redemption 2, some may recognize Troy Baker as Joel Miller from The Last of Us. The short trailer doesn’t show us any gameplay and only announces one game so far PC version of the game via Steam on me. The release period has not yet been announced. What is known, however, is that Fort Solis is a Third person single player game She must work, at her heart clarifying the mystery.

More or less known names

In addition to Troy Baker and Roger Clark, Julia Brown has already been announced at Fort Solis. However, Brown did not have a prominent role in a video game compared to her peers. The importance of the studio’s first two commitments was also made clear during the show. After the trailer was revealed, Jeff Kelly personally welcomed both Baker and Clark to the interview. Troy Baker will play Wyatt Taylor, a medical officer stationed at Fort Solis on Mars. However, Roger Clark’s character appears to be starring. Engineer Jack Leary is called to Fort Solis by routine alarm and encounters increasingly strange events over time.

Fort Solis: New Trailer for the Scary Science Fiction Movie

uncertain future

It is also known that your decisions in certain situations should have an impact on the course of the story. The base, in which the player’s base will be in motion, must bring with it 9 different individual structures. It remains to be seen how the indie horror title can assert itself in the future and whether PS5 or Xbox Series X/S releases will follow.

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