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Vivaldi Browser included an email reader with a calendar and a feed reader

Vivaldi Browser included an email reader with a calendar and a feed reader

The difference between a web browser and an Internet suite is the number of extensions these applications provide as well as the option to display portals. An example of this is what was previously provided by projects such as SeaMonkey from Mozilla or earlier versions of Opera.

Having restored this old dynamic, Vivaldi announced the implementation of an important change filled with nostalgia. The web browser now has a built-in email client, which contains a calendar and feed reader.

Vivaldi bets on a dynamic lost over the years

The emergence and subsequent integration of smartphones, as well as the natural development of the Web, led to a loss of fame and even the disappearance of proposals such as the old Internet groups mentioned at the beginning.

In this context, Vivaldi launched his own Email client Freely integrated into the browser, Mail 1.0. This tool comes along with the built-in Vivaldi Calendar and Feed Reader tools.

Vivaldi Mail 1.0 allows users, like other mail clients, to take advantage of the option to add multiple email accounts at once, including existing Google accounts and calendar services.

The purpose of this implementation, as stated by the same company at the launch of this novelty, is for users to gain the ability to organize their emails, manage their schedules, to-do lists, sources, and more, without having to leave their browser.

The email reader bears similarities to Outlook and other popular clients. Its use is intuitive and should not be something foreign to its users.

Messages stored in linked accounts are indexed locally, which means that every search performed will be performed entirely from the computer, without sending requests to external servers. Additionally, to organize messages, this client has eight different sections to choose from.

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For its part, the feed reader works with RSS technologies and the standard Atom and calendar can be used, as well as the ability to use it through online accounts, without an Internet connection.

To activate this mode in Vivaldi, it is necessary to choose the “Full loader” layout when installing it, or choose the “Enable mail, calendars and fonts” option in the settings of the current browser installation.

As in the old days with Oprah, saving this dynamic and its parallels with that of a random reference. Remember, the company behind Vivaldi was founded by the co-founder and former CEO of Opera, Jon Stevenson von Teichner.

This app is already available in Vivaldi, Both are in their versions for Windows, macOS or Linux.