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The game manager is already working on a new project

The Survival horror lovers He can claim victory very soon, because apparently Tango Gameworks is working on a fileo title given by director The Evil Within 2, John Johanas.

the above It was confirmed by studio director and father of the Resident Evil series, Shinji Mikami, who, by interfering on the Xbox board at the Tokyo Game Show, confirmed to Phiil Spencer the development of the title.

At the moment, John is actively working on a new gameMikami said to Spencer as they spoke. About the philosophy of empowering new talent at Tango Gameworks, although he did not give other details of the address.

Due to the simple nature of advertising, It has also not been determined if it is a direct sequel to The Evil Within 2 or a title set in the same universe., although likely a Bethesda purchase, The game is being developed exclusively for Xbox.

inner evil It was a horror title directed by Shinji Mikami that debuted in 2014 and introduced us to Detective Sebastian Castellanos Those who entered the world of madness and nightmares Ruvik. Its mechanics and history have made it one of the A fan favorite of the genre.

sequel to her Only 2017 arrived without Mikami At the helm, however, the title has received generally positive opinion from fans it has had for years Order the third part of the frightening adventures of Castellanos.

Shall we get the detective back?

Axel Amézquita is an editor at IGN Latin America, a comiciro by birth, with a taste for great cinema, photography, video games and stories. You can follow him on social networks like Tweet embed

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