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Credit holidays - what conditions must be met

Credit holidays – what conditions must be met

Białek believes that the project on credit holidays does not comply with the announcements of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who indicated that credit holidays would be a tool for people who need help, and who have a problem with tightening the family budget. – In the meantime, the proposed holidays in the project are for everyone and this raises our great doubts – indicating.

In his opinion, the government has significantly reduced the number of people who will take advantage of credit leave. – Assuming there are no preconditions, we consider that About 80% of the credit leave can be used. borrowers. This means a huge burden on the banking sector, up to 30 billion PLN in two years, said the vice-president of the Polish Banks Association.

The holidays will hit the banks

In his opinion, this is a burden “on an unprecedented and disproportionate scale”, Which will have far-reaching negative consequences for the stability and liquidity of the banking sector and its involvement in the development of the economy, which is absolutely necessary in the current circumstances.

– In the plans of the government, the banking sector plays a big role in strengthening the economy, and in the implementation of the national reconstruction plan, in the meantime, it is affected in a way that exceeds standards. Besides, the current version of the solution is unfair, Because it promotes excessively to borrowers at the expense of customers of other banks, such as depositors – noted Białek.

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