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Critical situation of beluga whales in the Seine – don’t eat

Critical situation of beluga whales in the Seine – don’t eat

Beluga whales usually live in Arctic waters, but this person managed to reach a lock in the Seine, about 70 kilometers from the French capital, Paris.

Since last Friday, they have been trying to feed beluga whales with herring. On Saturday, Sea Shepherd France wrote on Twitter that it “ignores the fish that is presented to it every time”. Sea Shepherd France describes it as a race against time, and fears the whales are slowly starving and may die.

Earlier, local authorities expressed concern about her condition because the mammal appeared to be “underweight” and had undergone “skin changes,” AFP reported.

Thus, the whales, first seen on Tuesday, left the English Channel and swam up to the Seine near Vernon. Authorities in Normandy have urged the public to stay away from them so as not to put pressure on the beluga whales. The plan is to try to keep the animal in lock and then guide it towards the mouth of the Seine.

The natural habitat of the beluga is the arctic waters off the coast of Alaska, Canada and Russia, but they often swim long distances in search of food. It can also last for a while in fresh water.

Drone image of a beluga whale in the Seine River, France. Photo: Sea Shepherd via AP/TT

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