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Over 50 degrees in Iraq: ‘close to critical’

Over 50 degrees in Iraq: ‘close to critical’

During the week, several Iraqi cities topped the list of the hottest places in the world currently, with temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius. The heat is expected to continue throughout the weekend.

As a result of the extreme heat, government employees have been given leave in nine provinces, type local media. Rising temperatures are common in Iraq, which is one of the hottest places on Earth.

The temperature we see in Iraq now is very close to the critical limit of what humans can handle when it comes to maintaining a normal body temperature and working outdoors at such temperatures is completely impossible, says Peter Leungman, MD, a cardiologist and medical researcher. Environmental, to SVT News.

Strong sandstorms

In addition to the heat, the number of severe sandstorms increased during the year. Since mid-April, eight sandstorms have swept across the country, which is more than usual during the summer period. Sand clouds, which spread over large areas, obscured the sky and restricted visibility, caused infrastructure problems in several parts of the country.

The harsh weather combined with the heat has also led to regular power outages which mean, among other things, that Iraqis cannot rely on air conditioning, according to reports. BBC.

– In addition to sandstorms that affect the air and ventilation systems, the desert sand itself is also harmful to health. “It would be a double shock with heat and the risk of endangering the heart and lungs,” Peter Leungman says.

The United Nations has classified Iraq as one of the countries in the Middle East most vulnerable to climate change.

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