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Cyberpunk 2077 shares details of its first downloadable or DLC | video games | PS5 | Xbox Series X | PS4 | keyboards | SPORTS-PLAY

Title version Cyberpunk 2077 movie On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there were several bugs, forcing Sony to remove the game from the PS Store and enable refunds. Despite this, it is one of the most successful versions by Polish developer CD Projekt Red.

After several patches to improve performance on consoles, the company has announced that it already has patch 1.3 ready, which will contain its first free or downloadable DLC.

Free patch items include cars, two pieces of clothing, and an alternate skin for Jhonny Silverhand (played by famous actor Keanu Reeves).

Contents of Cyberpunk 2077’s First Three DLC Packs

  • Jhonny Silverhand alternate appearance: Activated in the Extra Content tab in the menu.
  • Syn-Leather Multilayer Deltajock Jacket and Luminescent Punk Jacket: You can get it in Apartment V, after receiving a message from Viktor after completing the quest “The Walk”.
  • Archer Quartz Bandit: When you complete the quest “Dead City” you will receive a message from Dakota or Rogue, the reward or purchase will appear. DC Projekt Red recommends getting into the badlands and staying away from the Dakota department store.

The release date of the patch has not been revealed yet; While you wait, you can read the patch notes in a file .

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