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Dangerous news for Żużel: Grudziądz!  GKM without Nick Peterson

Dangerous news for Żużel: Grudziądz! GKM without Nick Peterson

This Friday, Zooleszcz DPV Logistic GKM Grudziądz will face eWinner Apator Toruń in the most important maintenance game. Both teams are defending themselves against the elimination, and Peterson should lead the hosts not only to victory but also to the bonus point.

It turns out that Peterson will not be able to play in Friday’s PGE Extralica due to the Danish federation’s decision to suspend him. Recall that the National Federation suspended IMŚ three times for six months for insulting a judge during a match in the Danish League Cup. Peterson may still appeal this decision, but it is a lengthy process. So he will not be back on track until January 2022.

His lawyers tried to postpone the decision of the federation, appealed in all ways and reported various procedural errors. None of these plays because the Danish federation was so stubborn that it decided the suspension was still in effect.

What this means is that if Nicky Federson is expelled from BGE Extralica, GKM will be out. You can no longer see him in the colors of the Croatsts. If Dane does not decide to ride in the first league …

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