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Defeat of Krakow in a friendly match with Partisan

Defeat of Krakow in a friendly match with Partisan.

The Krakow players, who are preparing for the new season of Extraclass, play a sparring game with Partisan Belgrade at a camp in Moravsky Toplis, Slovenia. The meeting ended 3: 0 (2: 0) with the victory of the Serbian champions.

Goalkeepers won: Slobodan Eurosevic (35), Danilo Pontic (45), Bojan Ostojic (59).

This was Croatia’s first defeat in this preparatory period. In previous matches, the players of Mike’s Proprietary were MFK Freitech-Mistech 9: 0, F.K. Trinik defeated 2: 0 and NK Marbir 3: 1.

The Krakow will train at the Moravsky Doblis until July 9. On Monday they will play a sparring game with the locomotive Moscow. The other contenders for “Paso” are the Austrian Storm Cross and the Czech Slovakia Uherske Herodist.

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