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Dell Technologies promotes elephant conservation in South Africa

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Category: Environment and nature conservation Date: 29.03.2021
Dell Technologies promotes elephant conservation in South Africa
For their work, the elephants have relied on Dell Technologies’ powerful tools to keep them alive.

Dell Technologies collaborates with a non-profit organization Elephants are alive The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park in South Africa has announced that it is committed to protecting elephants from extinction in the area. Dell Technologies Mobile supports the company with particularly strong latitude rough and precision workstations, which enables field research and data analysis even in difficult situations.

The system uses mobile workstations from the Latitude Rough Series to collect data and photograph elephants on site. © Dell Technologies
The mobile workstations of the Latitude Rough Series operate reliably even under extreme conditions. © Dell Technologies

Conservation of biodiversity and species has now become a central concern of the global community, and technology can make a valuable contribution to this. This article looks at how the work of Elephants Alive, a South African voluntary organization that researches the lives of elephants within the Great Limbo Transfornder Park across the border into the triangle of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Its purpose is to protect elephant habitats and ensure peaceful coexistence between animals and local people. Animal conservation is an important task because elephants are still alive and their population in East and South Africa has shrunk by more than 30 percent between 2007 and 2015 alone.

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To combat this, elephants collect large amounts of data on individual elephants and their movements in the park to keep them alive. Every day, up to 800 photos of animals are created, which can be distinguished individually based on their unique ear shapes.

Strong Dell equipment assists in field and data analysis

For their work, the elephants have relied on Dell Technologies’ powerful tools to keep them alive. The system uses mobile workstations to collect data and take photos of elephants Latitude-roughSeries that operates reliably even under extreme conditions. From uneven road driving to oppressive heat, dusty and sandy environments to violent African thunderstorms – no environment is too harsh for devices.

Research groups also supported Dell Optimizer, AI-based optimization software that works the way its users do. The software is designed to automatically improve application performance, battery life and background audio settings. Dell Optimizer allows each researcher to learn how elephants function alive and configure workstations accordingly so that scientists can better focus on their actual tasks: conserving and conserving elephants.

Dell Technologies’ workstations provide the computer power needed for data support intelligence and detailed maps of animal movements. To do this, researchers record and update records for each elephant – they digitally monitor their location and behavior and record the presence of other elephants. In addition, there is a talktime tracking program for elephants alive, which analyzes data from nearly 200 GPS satellite collars installed over the past 20 years. Hourly data downloads result in more than two million data points, which combine location data with photos taken in the field.

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Dr. Michael Henley, co-founder, CEO and head of research at Elephants Alive, emphasizes the importance of the state-of-the-art tools in this initiative: “The use of innovative technologies in nature conservation research allows data to be collected and analyzed more efficiently. We were able to think of strong computers, hand-drawn images of the elephant.” Digitization of identity helps to measure our efforts in the field to protect more animals. ”

Dell Technologies South Africa Managing Director Doug Woolley added: “Dell Technologies continues to develop innovative technologies that provide users with a simple, seamless user experience – no matter where they are at work, in the field or in the office. This is a compelling testament to the diversity of our portfolio. ”

Dell Technologies and Elephants Survival in the Video:

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