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Premier League.  Officially: Soulscare removed from Manchester United

Premier League. Officially: Soulscare removed from Manchester United

On Sunday morning, the club fired Ole Gunner Solskare after three years and began looking for a replacement. Until he is found, the team will be led by Michael Garrick, a former assistant to the Norwegian manager.

With Solskjaer signing a new contract with MU this summer (until 2024), the resignation may now come as a surprise. But looking at how the team has been in recent weeks, the right solution was to part ways with the coach. However, the club’s management from Old Trafford, which has long refused to do so, hoped to prove that they could pull the Norwegian team out of the crisis at all times. There is no shortage of goodbye opportunities.

The coach was really lucky to escape defeat 0-5 against Liverpool a month ago. He received a final warning that there should be significant improvement and results in the game over the next three games. MU then won 3-0 against crisis-ridden Tottenham, saved a last-minute draw with Atlanta in the Champions League and lost in a devastating style (only one shot to the goal) against Manchester City. So there was no significant improvement, but Red Devil CEOs believed the bad card would return. But, after two weeks of quiet work during the break, the players were so easily knocked out by Watford that there was no point in waiting any longer. The board meeting was called during the break on Saturday, when Cherseni was sealed 2: 0. Solsker’s fate was sealed.

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The Norwegian turns out to be a huge loser. None of the coaches hired by MU after Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement have had so much time, he can not be blamed for giving him so little time to build the team. He could not complain that the bosses did not give him enough good players because he had a better team compared to the teams led by David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho. Manchester United brought in Old Trafford Bundesliga star Jadon Sancho, Real Madrid defender Rafael Warren and above all Cristiano Ronaldo.

It should be the season when MU finally wins the trophy and actively joins the fight for the England Championship. Meanwhile, the Soulscare players missed the easy opportunity for the trophy in theory because they had already been knocked out of the league trophy. Also in the Premier League, they are 12 points behind leader Chelsea.

What now? The immediate future of Manchester Utd is clear: Michael Garrick will lead the Champions League against Villarreal on Tuesday. The current member of Solskjaer’s staff and former MU midfielder will be the first coach until the owners find a new manager. If he had said goodbye to Solskare earlier, it could have been Antonio Conte, but the Italian – who was initially interested in the job – has meanwhile intercepted Tottenham.

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So the list of coaches to take away has shrunk considerably. The three-time Champions League winner is definitely with Real Madrid’s Zinedine Zidane. According to The Times, Manchester United have already contacted an unemployed coach. According to English journalists, Zidane was not encouraged by his wife to take up the job, firstly, he did not like the idea of ​​living in Manchester, and secondly – that her husband should rest at least until the summer, and perhaps only then take up a new professional challenge.