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SME Spokesperson: The new agreement is contrary to the spirit of the business constitution

SME Spokesperson: The new agreement is contrary to the spirit of the business constitution

Certain tax and contribution rules of Polish disciplinary law are contrary to the spirit of the business constitution and the need for such legislation, reiterated by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, makes actions simpler, more understandable and free of unnecessary bureaucracy.

SME spokesman Adam Abramowicz called on Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to expedite the implementation of Polish disciplinary law and call for a change in the way contributions are paid. Defender proposes that the monthly basis for calculating health insurance contributions should be permanent, and that the minimum monthly basis for calculating medical insurance contributions should be determined as specified in the Amendment Act, i.e. the amount of the minimum wage applicable on January 1. Given year.

The additional amount of the difference between the annual health insurance premium determined on an annual basis and the amount of health insurance premiums paid for each month of the calendar year is taxable (or in the case of companies whose income is settled in terms of the total amount of registered income) in the tax year under the relevant provisions of the Tax Act. It is also important to note that the annual contribution is calculated on the income calculated under the Personal Income Tax Act of July 26, 1991, taking into account the inventory differences between the final and subsequent years of 2021 and 2022.

The amended provisions relating to health insurance, which were incorporated into the Act of 27 August 2004, introduced legal confusion by failing to take into account the possibility of adjusting the level of income in relation to health services funded from public funds by the legislature. Contrary to the intent of introducing premium based on your actual income.

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At the same time, it should be clearly stated in the rules that the entrepreneur calculates the premium paid in January 2022 and December 2021, according to the rules in force in 2021, before the Polish Order Act came into force. The new rules apply to January 2022, i.e. the premium paid in February 2022.

– I am pleased to receive a positive response to my application from Professor Gertruda Usinska, President of the Social Insurance Company. The President announced that he was open to any scheme aimed at facilitating social and health insurance contributions. I would like to add that ZUS has done a tremendous job in recent years in eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy, computerizing the system and making it compatible with SME. “If the government does not decide on the changes I am proposing, we will take a big step back in this matter,” said Adam Abramovich, a spokesman for small and medium enterprises.