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What about the Wrzosek attacked fan?  We have a voice from Fame MMA

What about the Wrzosek attacked fan? We have a voice from Fame MMA

After an evening fight at FAME MMA 12, former KSW champion Marcin Vrzosek went to the dressing room and clashed with fans. The FAME MMA organization reported the health of the injured fan.

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An argument with Marcin Wrzosek

Twitter / Photo: A lineup with Marcin Wrzosek

The media has been living since morning with non-sporting events that took place after the fight of the Fame MMA12 gala evening. After the appearance of Cassius “Don Casso” to Cisci, Marcin Vrsochek could not control his emotions. Tricity Ergo gave the vent to the fans seated in the arena.

Records of the event began to conquer social media (more about this here). The 34-year-old was asked by reporters shortly after the incident. However, the player did not want to comment on this.

Rumors spread on social media that one of the attacked fans should be admitted to the hospital. Therefore, we asked Krzysztof Rozpara, one of the officials of the FAME MMA Federation, about the details of this event. We were able to get an answer.

– I am not a direct witness to this incident and I was informed about it. The person who attended was subjected to a routine medical examination by the medical support team who attended the event. WP SportoweFakty Krzysztof Rozpara replied that no action other than doctors is required.

So it turns out that fan speculation on social media is exaggerated, and the condition of the injured is not as bad as previously thought. It is also worth noting that after the FAME MMA 12 gala on Saturday, the KSW organization decided to split with its former champion Marcin Wrzosek (also here).

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