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Delta gets an M1 version for all pilots

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IPAD » iPad Pro in the cockpit: Delta offers the M1 version to all pilots

In the future, the iPad Pro will also be used in the cockpit of Delta Air Lines planes: pilots will receive basic flight planning information on the devices via integrated cellular connectivity, the airline last explained. The line has been working closely with Apple for a long time.

Apple has a major new demand: Delta Air Lines will in the future rely on the iPad in its planes on a large scale, and not just in the cabin: the new iPad Pro 2021 will be given to all aircraft pilots, as society last announce she has. The iPad Pro will become part of the EFB Pilot’s Electronic Flight Records Collection. Delta will purchase the cellular version of the models.
Here, a decision was made to use AT&T as the mobile communications provider.

Flight documents directly on the iPad

Pilots will receive key information on their iPad to complete many pre-flight and flight planning procedures. It is sent directly to the devices over the cellular network. The airline explained that the thin and light tablets with their powerful processor and brilliant screen are ideal for working in the cockpit. Delta has previously relied on Apple hardware over and over again. In April, for example, all flight attendants in Delta were equipped with an iPhone 12, reported.

The cockpit iPad has been around for a long time in many airlines, but until now it has rarely replaced documents in the myriad thick paper brochures, for example. Although very intense, their memorization is always an aspect to be taken into account with the aim of weighing issues, but the actions mentioned in them and their unconditional availability on paper have already saved many lives, and against this background thick books are likely to continue. Many planes fly with you as a backup.

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