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PlayStation 5: With these hard drives, you can get more games on your PS5

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With the upcoming firmware update, Playstation 5 owners will soon be able to expand the console’s internal memory.

For PS5, hard drives must meet certain requirements and have certain specifications.

Suitable SSD hard drives are files WD_BLACK SN850 * and the Gigabyte Aorus *.

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The internal memory of the Playstation 5 is very narrow. The built-in hard drive has only 667 GB of internal memory available for games. This space can be used with three games installed including updates and additional content. The only solution so far is to have an external hard drive attached to the PS5. With the latest system update for Playstation 5, you can finally expand the console’s internal memory. However, the update is currently only available to some users as a beta version.

PS5 SSD hard drives: These requirements must be met

With the update, Sony also published the requirements that an SSD hard drive must meet in order for it to be installed in the PS5. The SSD must be in M.2 format and support PCI Express 4th generation. Additionally, it should be able to transfer at least 5,500 MB per second, and storage space should be between 250 GB and four terabytes. It is also highly recommended to use a heat sink, that is, an additional heat sink located directly on the hard disk, so that the SSD does not overheat.

These SSD hard drives are compatible with your Playstation 5

So far, only a few hard drives meet the PS5’s requirements. Although many of them have the necessary specifications, most heatsinks must be purchased or replaced. We show you actors that you can install in your PS5 without hesitation. This has already been confirmed by both Sony and manufacturers.

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