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Democrats may lose the election: Joe Biden’s chief of staff is eliminated

Joe Biden is drawn to poor opinion numbers and is looking to send Democrats a landslide loss in the midterm elections.

Now Chief of Staff Ron Klein is accused of dragging the White House too far to the left.

He is said to hide the president from critical voices and is said to care a lot about what is being said on social media.

Since Donald Trump left the White House, he has accused, among other things, his successor of “humiliation.” United States of America In front of the whole world “,” Be too incompetent to deal with the epidemic ‘standing on the ‘biggest failure in world history during the withdrawal from Afghanistan’.

As he was accused Joe Biden To be ruled by the “ultra-left liberals”.

In the last statement at least, he is now receiving fiery support from critics from within the opponents.

Trump barely had time to move into the White House before sources on his staff and the rest of the administration began accusing both the CEO and his colleagues of anything in an effort to shift responsibility and evade criticism.

Donald Trump during a rally in Arizona on January 15. In his speech, he mocked Biden fiercely and said he had “completely failed” in his presidency. “He has utterly humiliated our country in the world,” Trump said, among other things.

Saws left turn

Despite frequent political setbacks, plummeting public opinion figures, and a markedly lower level of trust in the current president of the American people, silence has been compressed since Joe Biden took office.

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But a little more than a year into his tenure, and ten months until the fateful midterm elections when Democrats risk losing majorities in both the Senate and the House, the wall begins to collapse.

In lengthy reviews of both NBC News And Politico And strong criticism emerged from within the party against Ron Klein, Joe Biden’s chief of staff.

According to NBC News, which has interviewed about thirty of the president’s current or former confidants, the criticism is about a cross-cutting field: It drags Joe Biden and politics too far from the left.

Biden is said to have veered from his core values ​​as a sympathetic, pragmatic politician who won the Democratic nomination by standing in the middle and being willing to compromise. They see Klein responsible for it,” Scriver NBC News.

Hide Biden from his friends

The chief of staff is accused of orchestrating the work of the White House in detail and focusing too much on what is being discussed and said on social media and on TV news channels.

NBC News wrote that Joe Biden’s pre-election campaign staff did not see the opinions and topics that garnered much attention among liberals on television and on social media as representative of what’s important to ordinary voters. They chose to distance themselves from it.

It turns out to be a winning concept. Many in Biden’s closest circle now believe they have achieved a truly self-centered goal by abandoning this idea.

– The president was elected because we all thought he would be good at governing. He will rule from the center, he will cooperate with the Republicans. One congressional Democrat says that having a chief of staff decided so clearly that the president should be Bernie Sanders would be confusing and aggravating. for Politico.

It is also said that Ron Klein is hiding Joe Biden from his old colleagues in the Senate and other friends whom he previously turned to for advice and support.

Friends see the chief of staff as responsible for preventing the president from hearing their views and opinions.

Ron Klein knows he can be influenced by his old friends. And this is absolutely true because there is a lot of experience among them, says one of Biden’s friends Even NBC News.

Set the strategy

There is a worrying sign that Biden is also caught up in the satellite newscasts and topics covered there. A number of congressional Democrats are said to have received unexpected thank-you pleas from the president after praising his agenda on television. Scriver NBC News.

Ron Klein’s critics also say he has an ambiguous view of how the president should act and accuse him of showing Biden a “one-dimensional” where he often stands stiff and speaks behind the podium rather than hopping among ordinary people and being more spontaneous and spontaneous. relaxation.

According to NBC News, the White House plans to make Biden more accessible and present in a strategic shift during his second year as president.

Those who defend Klein on the crew believe criticism is inevitable.

– Things are not going well now, so of course people will point to the chief of staff, a person near the White House tells the TV channel.

Many also believe that Klein’s energy and initiative were invaluable because Biden likes to surround himself with close employees who find it difficult to make big decisions.

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The epidemic rinses off

Although demands for his resignation have now begun, he believes the chief of staff will be safe until the midterm elections in early November.

During a press conference during the week, Joe Biden received many questions about the failures and setbacks during his first year.

He then chose to blame the pandemic and the presidency rather than his chief of staff for his inability to use his main strength.

I am in a situation where I do not have the opportunity to meet people face to face. Biden said that not being able to go out and do what I’ve always done very well, connect with people, is due to the virus and the things that are happening in Washington.