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USA: Trump was ready to confiscate voting machines

The document on the counting machines can be found in many materials in the US National Archives, which Trump has demanded to be kept secret, a request rejected by the Supreme Court this week.

“With immediate effect, the Secretary of Defense shall confiscate, collect, retain and analyze all electronically stored machinery, equipment, information, and material documentation required for storage,” the draft presidential order said, reports Politico on Friday.

The draft was written weeks after Republican Donald Trump was defeated in the 2020 presidential election against Democrat Joe Biden. However, it was not signed.

with HD message Earlier this week, the House committee investigating the events of January 6 of last year when the Capitol was stormed will have access to the materials. In total, there are more than 750 documents requested by the commission for investigation.

The documents also contain documents about several previously known conspiracy theories that Trump and those close to him aired after the election. Among others, attorney Sydney Powell, who directly questioned the election results and propagated theories that Cuba, Venezuela and other “communist” countries could have participated in election hacking that got millions of votes from Trump.

The former president himself continues to lead – for no reason at all – the message that he “stealed” his election victory.

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