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Revealed in pictures: A tape of a tape at the “Putin Palace”

Gold details, an underground hockey rink – and a ribbon bar.

Jailed opposition politician Alexei Navalny is now posting thousands of new photos from inside the billion-dollar palace allegedly owned by Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, he is very critical of the attitude of Western countries towards the Russian president.

Russian President Vladimir Putin The so-called billionaire’s mansion in Gelendzhik on the Black Sea is well documented.

A year ago, Alexei Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation in Exile published a video containing computer animations based on drawings leaked from the home.

Both Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin have denied that the palace belongs to the Russian president. Since then, the oligarch and ex-partner of Putin in judo, Arkady Rotenberg, claimed to own it.

Both Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin have denied that the palace belongs to the Russian president.

Arkady Rotenberg with Vladimir Putin.

“Worse than we can imagine”

But Navalny’s aides confirm that the house belongs to Putin and are now releasing it 5000 original photos from inside the house.

In a video on Youtube Colleagues of the imprisoned opposition politician, nicknamed the “golden madness,” flaunt the house containing a striptease room called the “hookah.”

Strip club, hookah, call it what you like, it already exists. A commentator in the video says it looks much worse than we imagined daily Mail.

The pond that will belong to the palace.

The photos are also said to show Putin’s bedroom, private theater, office and swimming pool. The double-headed eagle is used as a symbol of RussiaAgain, he goes around the house.

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Navalny’s colleagues did not specify when or how the photos were taken, but said they got them in front of the state TV channel Rossiya-1 in January last year. reported from construction.

‘The West is falling into Putin’s trap’

In an interview with the magazine with a letter time At the same time, Navalny chose to criticize the West’s attitude towards the Russian president.

Time and time again, the West falls into Putin’s trap. He’s making crazy, ludicrous demands like last time about how he and Biden can sit in a smoke-filled room and decide the fate of Europe, as if we were in 1944. And if the United States doesn’t agree, he’ll “do something.”

What looks like a tape was captured on video.

He called on the United States to ignore Putin and Russia’s demands instead of appearing at diplomatic meetings.

Instead of ignoring this nonsense, the United States accepts Putin’s agenda and organizes the meetings. Then they threaten that “if you do something, we will impose harsh penalties.”

– This is what Putin needs because if he does not attack Ukraine, there will be no sanctions. Then it’s just a carrot and no whip.