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The new government is sworn in in Poland – it is not expected to last long

Morawiecki has been prime minister since 2017, but this time he is expected to remain in power for only two weeks. According to the Polish constitution, the newly appointed prime minister and his government have only 14 days before a vote of confidence is held in Parliament. Then he would have no chance of getting a majority with him.

Both President Andrzej Duda and Mateusz Morawiecki belong to the right-wing conservative Law and Justice party.

Critics said he was outgoing The party is using the time to make more appointments, which will expand its influence over government agencies even after the ruling leaves power, according to the Associated Press news agency. In recent days, AKP loyalists were said to have been nominated to lead the government’s auditing and financial inspectorate.

The party has been in power in Poland for the past eight years, but in the elections in October, PiS was already the largest single party, but the majority went to the group of pro-EU opposition parties – the Citizens’ Coalition – which agreed to Trying to remove PIS from power.

The Citizens’ Coalition is led by Donald Tusk, who was previously President of the European Council and Polish Prime Minister.

Tusk is expected to become prime minister again since Morawiecki and his new government – most likely – lost the confidence of parliament in December.

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